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The new Accelerator Program allows you to discover the benefits of our cutting-edge construction technology at a discount, while also getting you up and running quickly.

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Construction projects are complex...
But with the right support, they can be made simpler and more effective. So how do you add a new technology to the mix when you’re already strapped for time and struggling to juggle your typical day-to-day challenges?
If your concerns sound anything like: 



Limited Time Accelerator Program Incentives 

Accelerator Program implementations can include both software and access to an Optimization Consultant. Examples of previous Accelerator Programs include:

  1. 30-day free trial of Smart Construction Field -- Including a free goal-setting session with our optimization consultants to define your success criteria and track progress throughout your trial.

  2. Free Cost Code Primer Session with the Purchase of Smart Construction Field & Office -- $3,800 value.

  3. Free Project Management Primer Session with the Purchase of Smart Construction Field & Office -- $3,800 value.

  4. 50% off implementation fee with the purchase of Smart Construction Field & Office -- Limited free access to our optimization consultants, value of $1,900.

  5. Free Access to Smart Construction Simulation with the Licensing and Implementation of Smart Construction Dashboard -- Includes ongoing data analysis and recommendations from our optimization consultants.

Quick Start Roadmap -- Not sure which of these incentives or which Smart Construction solutions best fit your needs? Work with one of our optimization consultants to build a custom roadmap to get you up and running quickly.

The Smart Construction Ecosystem

Smart Construction Dashboard

Visualize your design, drone, and machine data to measure cut/fills, quantities, and productivity of your job site. It consolidates and processes visual information from the site to help you plan, track progress, and make better decisions.

Smart Construction Field

Use a mobile app to record job site activity and analyze your operational costs and efficiencies in real-time. Manage site activity, tasks and costs, to visualize the health of the project, and utilize daily reports to eliminate challenging paperwork.

Smart Construction Office

Consolidate the disconnected field and job site data sources to easily track costs, measure progress, and make better decisions. Smart Construction Office works with Smart Construction Field by digesting the data collected in the field to advise project timelines and highlight potential risks, delivering better insight, faster.

LIMITED ACCESS:  Smart Construction Simulation

The only solution of its kind that lets you simulate the earth moving using artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize production on a job site. You'll be able to validate a construction estimate and then identify inefficiencies in projected work methods.

Not sure which Smart Construction solution will solve your problems?

Connect with one of our construction technology experts to establish the best solution for your project.