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Construction Technology That Improves Scheduling, Budgeting, and Safety

It’s time to start working smarter, not harder, by embracing the future of construction management. Digitally transform your job site into a highly collaborative, sustainable, and safer environment where your data communicates.

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Outdated operations sacrifice time, revenue, and safety. Smart Construction management software provides real-time updates on the most critical job site information and stores it in one place. The 3D job site visualization and measurement tools enable you to make more informed decisions.
Plus, our remote monitoring solution allows all stakeholders to access the information, taking the guesswork out of what is happening on a site, which keeps you on time and on budget.


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Who We Help

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Operations & Project Managers
Gain the power to condense multiple, disconnected job site data sources into one, easy-to-read dashboard.
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Foremen & Superintendents
Identify risks to scheduling, deliveries, budget, and safety.
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Business Owners
Track the efficiency and profitability of every project from afar.
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What Our Customers Say

We greatly improved safety on all of our job sites using Smart Construction. Thanks to the remote surveying and intelligent machine control, no one is walking on dangerous slopes or near the machines.’’



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Construction Management Software That Saves Time & Money

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Smart Construction Dashboard

Graphically visualize your design, drone, and machine data to measure cut/fills, quantities, and productivity of your job site. It consolidates and processes visual information from the site to help you plan, track progress and make better decisions.

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Smart Construction Field

Use a mobile app to record job site activity and analyze your operational costs and efficiencies in real-time. Manage site activity, tasks and costs, to visualize the health of the project, and utilize daily reports to eliminate challenging paperwork.

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Smart Construction Office

Gain the power to condense multiple, disconnected field/job site data sources to track costs, measure progress, and make better decisions. Smart Construction Office works with Smart Construction Field by digesting the data collected in the field to advise project timelines and elevate risk, delivering better insight, faster.

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Create a data-driven ecosystem made up of real-time information from your job sites and deliver it straight to your device. 

Start analyzing and controlling your job site to improve efficiency and safety

The digitized job site revolution is coming. It will bring significant changes and raise questions. You may have heard that it’s the future. 

But what makes it your future?

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