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3D takeoff software

Revolutionize the Job Site

Start using our 3D takeoff software to accurately measure and analyze all the critical elements of a job site, including:

  • Cut and Fill
  • Slope
  • Elevation
  • Contours

Construction drone mapping provides accurate, real-time data, enabling you to plan your projects, monitor progress, identify potential problems and make adjustments in real-time. 


Digitize your project sites with Smart Construction Dashboard

Smart Construction Dashboard is designed to be used daily by your operations manager, superintendent, drone pilot, and project manager as the go-to solution for visualizing the status of the site.

Our cut and fill heat maps provide a visual representation of the changes in elevation and terrain on a job site, which empowers you to quickly and easily identify areas that require more attention or adjustment. This improves accuracy and reduces the risk of errors in earthwork estimating. It gets even better… Our 3D takeoff software has all of this critical information in one place, making it easy for your team to make day-to-day decisions without ever having to be on-site. 

Spend more time on the projects that need your attention and less time trying to figure out which ones are in trouble.

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