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Software To Manage Construction Projects

Smart Construction Office is the central hub for all your projects, connecting every job site directly to management in real-time. Intelligent, autonomous project management tools work behind the scenes to identify risks and provide precise forecasts, ensuring projects are on-time and on-budget.

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The Benefits of Digitizing Your Job Sites

  • Plan your projects well and rely on automatic updates to forecasts as the project progresses.
  • Get insights into labor, equipment, and material costs from the dashboard.
  • Identify potential problems and risks in real-time to avoid delays and bottlenecks.
  • Automated alerts and diagnostics will keep you up to date on the status of your project so you can have confidence in the accuracy of the information.
  • Incorporate your budget information into the plan so you can compare it to the actuals as your project unfolds.

What Smart Construction Office Can Do

Only 30% of a construction worker’s day is spent progressing their work. 70% of their day is spent getting material and information they need and waiting for another part of the project to be finished.
Smart Construction Office provides accurate visibility into construction projects, timeline forecasts, and delays, allowing you to stay on schedule and be profitable.
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Track Scheduling and Costs in Real-Time


Management and office personnel can track scheduling and costs in real-time, providing them with the power to make decisions within minutes, not days.

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What Our Customers Say

Smart Construction Office was easy to learn and switching from another program was painless. Now, information from the field is flowing into Office and the schedule is updating itself. I didn’t realize it could be this easy.’’





How It Works

Smart Construction Office works together with Smart Construction Field. Field construction technology gathers the information you need to keep your project on track, and Smart Construction Office consolidates the information and provides answers to management within minutes.

The construction schedule always seems to become obsolete as the project progresses. Smart Construction Office provides the first-ever 'living' construction schedule when combined with Smart Construction Field.

Your job sites are no longer disconnected. Your days of data sharing between systems, human error, and lag time will be over.

Everything is Better Together

There is always one question that the Office wants to know from the Field:

”Did we hit our targets today?”

Smart Construction Field easily captures site activity automatically, in real-time, providing that data to Smart Construction Office - so you always know the answer.

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