An Introduction to Smart Construction Simulation

Smart Construction Simulation is a one-of-a-kind simulation tool for earth moving. It helps you take the guesswork out of earthwork by creating an optimal construction plan based on project and company requirements and constraints. Read on to learn more about how Smart Construction Simulation can help you optimize your construction plans. 


What would it be like if you could visualize an entire earthwork project before moving a teaspoon of dirt? What if you could optimize your activities and fleet based on a simulation of the project from start to finish? Conceptually, this would revolutionize the industry, right? Today, there isn’t a solution like this on the market, but that’s where Smart Construction Simulation comes in.

Smart Construction Simulation allows you to view construction projects from start to finish before work begins by using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and manpower, allowing you to have confidence in what you’re bidding (or already bid on) and the work plan you've put together. 

Let’s explore Smart Construction Simulation and how it can benefit your business.

Why Develop Construction Simulation Software?

Image of Smart Construction Simulation software

Smart Construction has been leading the digital transformation revolution with our customers for several years by helping them reimagine their construction processes. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how the use of digital twins can be used to track jobsite progress and identify potential issues. While digital twins are great to measure moments in time, projects are dynamic, and plans require constant modification. Being able to look forward and answer questions like: “What does the future of that jobsite look like?” and “Where is my next issue going to pop up?” are vital to staying on time and on budget.

Smart Construction Simulation allows users to visualize the entire earthmoving progress of the jobsite through the current digital twin while predicting the progress and potential issues through a comprehensive simulation model. Being able to predict hiccups on a jobsite during the earth moving process ensures that when hiccups happen, you are prepared to address and overcome them.

Overall, Smart Construction simulation was developed to ensure that a contractor stays on schedule and on budget throughout the lifecycle of the project.

How Does Simulation Fit into Existing Workflows?

Smart Construction Simulation fits into various parts of the overall project workflow. First, Simulation can be used in the bidding process to help validate current construction ideas or make modifications to the existing plan to find an advantage that will lead to successful award of the project. Once awarded, Smart Construction Simulation can explain to the project team how the estimate was built, the anticipated work plan & steps (labor, equipment, and material) , and the preliminary schedule. When fostering a rapid PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, the project team can quickly make changes to the anticipated work plan to understand if a different view of the job can lead to productivity gains.

After a project has started, Simulation can leverage the current digital twin to understand if the project is on schedule or behind and by how much. If the project is behind schedule, Simulation can be used to create several recovery plans in another rapid PDCA cycle to help get the project back on track. Completing this PDCA before equipment is dispatched eliminates the historical “wait and see” approach currently used today. After simulating several plans, you can be confident that your recovery plan will get the project back on track. Since simulation uses both a combination of AI and human input, you can reduce the overall time it takes to analyze a project and then make changes to the program where it makes sense.

Overall, this process allows you to optimize resources to ensure that projects stay on track while providing all the information you need to make decisions quickly.

How Can Smart Construction Simulation Benefit Your Company?

Smart Construction Simulation is a powerful tool you can incorporate into your existing workflow and processes to help you understand and visualize the entire earth moving process. Smart Construction Simulation allows for:

  • Meaningful validation or analysis of initial project delivery assumptions,
  • Rapid readjustment of plans based on ongoing project needs, and
  • Collaboration or communication with project delivery members to evaluate project progress in real-time, from anywhere.

Being able to visualize a project, instead of trying to understand someone’s verbal explanation, speeds up the decision-making time to ensure the right decisions are made as quickly as possible. Since this program is visual, discussion and collaboration about the project can take place throughout the lifecycle between all stakeholders, from anywhere. The visualizations from Smart Construction Simulation make it easier to communicate with the project owner when a change is needed as well as the impact of the change – reducing the back-and-forth discussion for change orders and increasing the speed of change order approvals. Now that you can see change, rapid creation of recovery plans ensures that you get the project back on track as quickly as possible to maximize profits.

Smart Construction Simulation is not something out of a science fiction movie, nor do we have to wait for some time in the future to utilize this game changing tool. Combining the power of AI with the experience and understanding of construction experts puts the power of virtual construction at your fingertips.

Smart Construction Simulation can be used at various points throughout the construction process: bid validation, pre-construction planning, construction recovery, and forward-looking planning throughout the project. Simulation creates a collaborative environment to perform many rapid PDCA cycles throughout the life of the project to ensure on-time completion and maximization of profits.

Smart Construction Simulation is available today to help reimagine your overall construction process and digitally transform your business. Reach out to the Smart Construction team to learn more about how we can help you simulate your projects.

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