Introducing Smart Construction's Accelerator Program

The Smart Construction Accelerator Program can help construction companies accelerate their digital transformation journey with dedicated support from the Smart Construction team.

One of the most challenging tasks today for a company is adopting new software or technology and integrating the new processes that come with implementation. As a result, even after a company decides to proceed, there is a significant time lag to adoption. This lag results in lost production and reduced profits that could have been gained had the new technology and processes been implemented when the final decision was made. After all, the learning curve exists irrespective of when a company chooses to move forward.

The roadblock to a company’s progression can be summarized in different ways:

  • "I don’t have time to implement this, we’ll look at this in another month or two."
  • "What you’re offering is for a large company, this is way too organized."
  • "I don’t want to disrupt this job I’m in the middle of, let’s wait until the next job starts."
  • "It’s the middle of construction season, I want to wait until the next season begins."
  • "I’m really busy and things are going well, right now is just not the best time."
  • "All of this looks like a lot and I can see how this would be beneficial, but I don’t know if we can dedicate the time and resources."

For someone that has helped companies change and grow, hearing this rationale is common and frustrating. There never is a good time for change, there will not be the right lull in work to implement technology, and there probably will not be those extra resources available to implement even when it is the “right time.” If everything is going well, most companies will have their resources tied up in making money. Why else would they be in business?

What is the Accelerator Program?

Since the perfect situation rarely exists, Smart Construction implemented a program to reduce the learning curve, supplement existing staff, and accelerate a company’s path toward software or techology adoption . Smart Construction’s Accelerator Program can help reduce the barriers to adoption by addressing specific needs that exist within an organization. The program is part of Smart Construction’s mission to reimagine the construction process by leveraging digital technology to be more productive, safe, and sustainable, while meeting an organization’s needs along the path to digital transformation. Digital transformation is a journey and the Accelerator Program can help you reach your company’s goals faster.

The Accelerator Program Is Customized To Meet Your Needs

The Accelerator Program is designed around the specific needs of a company and is not intended to be a one-size-fits-all approach. Once the company decides to move forward, the process is simple and designed to help accomplish everything necessary to make the transformation and implementation successful. Each company will be assigned a dedicated optimization consultant that will collaborate with your team to aid in every step of the process.

The intended outcome from this collaboration is to understand goals for the project, long range goals of the organization, and immediate needs to be met. Working with Smart Construction can help with:

  • Setting up the job in the Smart Construction solution suite.
  • Analyzing the jobsite with Smart Construction Simulation and Dashboard.
  • Assisting in schedule creation and review.
  • Providing takeoff verification.
  • Supplementing staff resources for the organization in other ways associated with the project management role.
  • Providing additional training to understand scheduling basics and cost control fundamentals.

The goal of the Accelerator Program is to help companies overcome the most common barriers to adoption of new technology and digital best practices. Since Smart Construction has experienced construction industry staff, we can aid in learning the Smart Construction solution platform while collectively working toward the desired gains. All of this comes together to speed up the organization’s adoption by reducing the initial learning curve and ensure that a project is able to proceed efficiently and on budget.

The Accelerator Program is just one way Smart Construction is working within our industry to help assist and eliminate hesitation with technology adoption. Schedule a time to talk to our team now to learn how we can help you accelerate your construction tech journey.

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